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YouTube Star Pays Off His Parents’ Mortgage, And Gets Their Reaction On Video.

By Talan Torriero
July 31, 2014

Talk about a good son. When Timothy DeLaGhetto, a comedian and rapper from California, dropped out of college five years ago his parents were worried. DeLaGhetto quit school to focus on his entertainment career. 

“My parents always wanted me to stay in school and get a degree,” said DeLaGhetto. Despite their wishes that he stay in school, DeLaGhetto’s parents supported him while he pursued his dreams. 

Earlier this week their faith in their son was rewarded. DeLaGhetto hand delivered them a check for $210,000 to pay off their mortgage, in addition to another $130,000 he paid the bank for their house. The best part though? He caught it all on video.