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Women Asked to Draw Their Ideal Penis in Hilarious Exercise

By Talan Torriero
April 16, 2015

Market research focus groups can be a fun way to make some extra money. Give your opinion on a new product or some random topic a company wants to know more about and get paid for it. The researchers often don’t tell you a whole lot about what you’ll be doing until you show up. You might be asked to choose pictures that visualize your ideal experience with a product, choose keywords or even draw what’s in your mind. Sometimes the researcher throws an exercise at you that you’re totally unprepared for and it takes you some time to think up a response.

The ladies in this video were shocked when they found out why news outlet Elite Daily had brought them into the office.

Men are often stereotyped as being the horniest gender and over sexualizing visualizations of women. But the truth is women love sex too and like to checkout good looking dudes. If they didn’t Cosmopolitan magazine would have gone out of business years ago, every issue has one of the same headlines “30 sex moves you have to try”. Seriously, how many bedroom moves are there? You would assume they ran out of fresh ideas a while ago and are just repeating them now.

The researchers at Elite Daily wanted to find out how women feel about a very important subject: penises. So they got a group of women of varying ages together gave them color pencils, a pad of paper, and a simple assignment: draw your perfect penis. The women have some hilarious responses and need a little convincing but then they get to work. The results should be encouraging for men, don’t waste your money on all those enlargement products, turns out not all women want a package that’s longer than a ruler.

Watch the outrageous video below!