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Women Are Going Crazy Over The ‘Most Handsome Gorilla In The World’

By Talan Torriero
June 29, 2015


Shabani is not a human…In fact, he’s a GORILLA – but that has not stopped a legion of female fans from being overwhelmed by how “handsome” he is.

Shabani currently lives at the Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Nagoya, Japan, and officials say there has been a notable increase in young female visitors.



His rise to fame has been largely sparked by Twitter, where fans have been posting pictures gushing about “hot” the ape is.

Shabani was born in The Netherlands but was moved to Australia as a two-month-old in 1996, before eventually being relocated to Japan in 2007.



Taronga Zoo senior zookeeper Allan Schmidt said he was not surprised by the female frenzy caused by Shabani.

He said: “The Japanese are crazy… The Japanese love their fads.”

“But I would say most people would consider him fairly dashing.”

One woman said: “I went to Higashiyama Zoo. This hot Shabani ikemen was certainly handsome.”

Another posted photos with the caption: “Shabani who is in Higashiyama Zoo is famous as the too handsome gorilla!”