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Who Needs Arms To Put On Pants

By Talan Torriero
June 30, 2014

YouTube user Now 夠了沒 can sleep well at night knowing that if he should ever lose both of his arms in a tragic accident (example: Fisting Kim Kartrashian and Parasite Hilton at the same time. We know those Venus Fly Trap twats eat limbs for lunch.), he can put on his pants all by himself. In 45 seconds, this dude demonstrated how to beautifully and artistically put on a pair of pants without using your hands and he did it to Europe’s The Final Countdown and in the middle of an Ikea showroom. I’m taking notes, because if I ever give Prince Hot Ginge and Anderson Cooper hand jobs at the same time, this is how I’m going to put my pants on since I’m never washing my hands again or touching anything. When this dude puts his pants on without using his hands, he looks like Elaine Benes rolling on E and busting out some ballet moves to a dub-step version of a Tchaikovsky symphony at a rave. He also looks like me the first and only time I played Dance Dance Revolution.

And you might be asking yourself, “WHY?!”, but when it comes to stuff on the Internet, the question is always, “Why not?”