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What Mysterious Creature Ate This 9-Foot-Long Great White Shark? Experts Search for Answers

By Talan Torriero
May 18, 2015

In a recent documentary, _The Search for the Ocean’s Super Predator_, produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, researchers set out to gather more in-depth studies of great white shark’s movements along Australia’s coast by tagging it with a tracker. Among many things, these trackers monitor body temperatures which can give them a lot of different conclusive data.

The great white shark, also known as “white death,” is not the largest shark in the ocean. That title belongs to the whale shark which has the largest recorded size of 40 feet long, though experts believe they can get even bigger. The whale shark is more of a docile beast which is more subject to filter-feeding on smaller organisms. The great white is quite different. Great whites typically reach a max of 20 feet though there have been larger but questionable recordings of up to 21 feet and more. These sizes are not common. This beast is not a filter-feeder. White death goes for the good stuff and likes to take large bites of its prey and wait for them to bleed to death before devouring them.

Why is size so important when discussing what these researchers discovered in this documentary? The answer to that is quite fascinating. When these researchers tagged the 9 foot long great white featured in the video below, a few months later their tracker turned up with some very interesting and puzzling results. Their beauty of a shark seemed to have been eaten by something much larger.

The question was “What?” What could have eaten this already monstrous predator? Experts are saying it was a colossal cannibal great white shark. Basically a much larger shark ate the beast that was already considered massive. Why would a shark eat another shark? Apparently, it’s as simple as one being smaller than the other. This must be their own way of evolution that keeps their kind a large threat in the ocean. Kill the smaller and weaker so the great white can remain the GREAT white. It turns out that the shark they thought was so large and glorious was nothing but a tiny little bottom feeder. In other words, Jaws is out their capping all the smaller sharks making a bad name for his kind.

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