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What do you think will happen after pouring molten aluminum into a Watermelon?

By Talan Torriero
April 30, 2015

Pouring molten aluminum into a watermelon is not exactly how most people imagine to spend an afternoon. But damn was it worth it? The result is pretty neat. Bet he could make a small business out of pouring liquid aluminum into random things and seeing what it looks like.

The liquid aluminum by itself is cool as hell! It is so shiny, it almost seems like it isn’t melting hot. When he misses during the first few seconds of pouring you can see it shoot all over the grass instantly turning into fire.

This is like the anthill one that someone made some time last year, but it is kind of cooler since it is less work. Digging up a huge anthill is a TASK! Cutting open a watermelon takes, as you see in the film, no longer than a minute.

The only question that comes to mind is: why would the watermelon explode? They first guess the watermelon will just blow up, not sure why that was their hypothesis. Didn’t know a fruit + liquid metal = explosion… Terrible guess. If anything it is assumed the molten aluminum would just melt right through the watermelon, but that doesn’t happen at all. The watermelon holds its own, even the outside of the watermelon knocked away the liquid during the initial pour with ease.

The result has an awesome texture to it, it would go nicely on a dining room table or something like that. Too bad the watermelon no longer can be eaten, such a waste of that delicious fruit.

Which is better: The Watermelon or the Ant Hill? Both are below.