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This Woman Is A Vagina Weightlifter. When I Saw How Much She Could Pick Up I Was In SHOCK!

By Talan Torriero
July 31, 2015


Meet Kim Anami, a professional vagina weightlifter who’s about to embark on the European leg of her “Vaginal Kung Fu” world tour. Anami, a life and sex coach, counts her ability to shoot ping pong balls from her vagina among her many vagina-based skills including opening beer bottles.


For the past couple of months, Kim has been on a worldwide tour, where she lifts objects local to each area. In Bali, Kim lifted “coconuts, an array of tropical fruit, and a seashell.” In Los Angeles, it was a surfboard, plus donuts, and cold-pressed juices.



Kim’s looking for new things to lift, and new places to lift them. You can help, if you’re on Instagram – simply share a photo of the item you’d like to see Kim use her vagina to lift, and use the hashtag #thingsiliftwithmyvagina.



source: HuffPost