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The Most Interesting Man In The World Doesn’t Need The Modern World

By Talan Torriero
May 19, 2015

This guy took Matt Foley’s epic rant about living in a van down by the river a little too literally… AND he added to it by subtracting the van and relocating from the waterway to a forest. Mick Dodge is the name of this woodsman that rid himself of modern world restrictions and took to the woods.

Mick had a fairly successful professional life many years ago until one day he decided to shed himself of his homes, cars and normal apparel. Mick says when he first got into the woods he wasn’t nearly as nervous as he was excited. When it comes to living in the woods and calling a tree stump a home excitement is not the word that would come to mind to describe life.

Could you imagine just walking into the woods one day with a knife and leather clothes, good for all weather, on and the vision to never go back? That just seems like a crazy concept! There is no way he is getting any tail bringing girls back to his stump… Hopefully he isn’t attracted to anything WITH a tail… Yikes Mick.

It is pretty neat that there are 200,000 nerves in the human foot. So basically the Jordan’s on my feet are not allowing complete freedom? Well to hell with that, Jordan’s look good. Thanks for that advice Mick. Also, brushing your teeth with pinecones? Mick’s breath might smell like Little Trees Air Freshner. LOL

How funny would it be if someone took a picture of Mick walking through the woods and sprinted back to camp thinking they snapped a shot of Big Foot. Maybe from a distance he would look big enough to fulfill that legend. Little would the photographer know is the Legend of Mick Dodge is WAY better than the legend of a large footed individual.