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The homeless child was freezing to death while no one approached him. I never thought this guy would be the only one!

By Talan Torriero
February 28, 2015

In the world today, the number of homeless people grow by the minute. While parents lose their jobs, more and more children are abandoned and left on the streets to beg money for food. As life gets harder, they lose friends on the way until they are left alone to support themselves with nothing.

Well-to-do people tend to ignore homeless people regardless of how pitiful they look. These people do not know how it feels to be dirt poor when homeless people hot rock bottom. Who else to comfort and help homeless people than the same people who are in the same situation?

In this social experiment, a child is left outside in freezing temperatures. He only had a shirt on his back, and a garbage bag to keep him warm from the deadly breeze. While people merely passed by without even giving him a second look for 2 hours, a man approached the child. Though he was homeless himself, he gave his jacket to the boy and comforted him with words the child will never forget in his life.