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The 15 All-Time Best Words To Live By From Lil Boosie

By Talan Torriero
June 30, 2015

Lil Boosie is a force to be reckoned with…After his most recent release “Touchdown 2 Cause Hell.” we thought we’d create a list of his hardest Lil Boosie quotes:

“Real street niggas I don’t see how they can hate you..ain’t nobody perfect it’s the effort that makes you”

“Wonder what make them hate on me my heart made of gold “

“Loyalty before royalty..that means nothin if you rollin wit a nigga and don’t love em”

“I need a freak who gon give it to me all day! Let hair back and suck it in tha hallway!”


“When you see who one hundred and who ain’t”

“Told her all I want from her is her heart..Don’t worry bout the sex we can do that when you wanna start”

“I wake up thinkin bout money! That’s my grits and eggs nigga!”

“If you forget where you come will never make it where you goin”

“Niggas say they gangsta but if you gangsta what you tellin fa?!”


“Treat a queen like a QUEEN and a hoe like a HOE!”

“The lies you saying aint affecting me or stressing me because God keep on blessing me!”

“90% gon turn bitch..tha other 10% gon be yo real clique! “

“God punish them for punishing me! Had me thinkin they was one hundred wit me”


“I need a dime! something red, thick, and fine..get on top and make it grind!”

“Still keep a strong mind and a strong hustle”

source: @BoosieQuotes