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She Wraps Her Egg In Silk. My Eyes Widened When She Unwrapped Them Later

By Talan Torriero
March 31, 2015

Dyeing eggs is a long-time Easter tradition, but this is an old-fashioned twist that is sure to impress all of your friends! If you do it correctly, you’ll have some of the most beautiful eggs imaginable!

Here’s what you’ll need:

A piece of silk fabric.

A piece of white fabric.
Twist ties.
White vinegar.

It’s very simple: just wrap the egg in the silk, then wrap it again in the white fabric. Wrap the egg/fabric up tight with twist ties, then add it to boiling water and vinegar! After a few minutes, take the eggs out and let them cool, then you’re done!

It’s important that it’s 100% silk! Old ties or handkerchiefs work really well. Just make sure to use silk that you don’t mind getting ruined – do some thrift store searching! You’ll be absolutely blown away by the results!