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She Partied Too Hard, But No Woman Deserves To Be Treated Like This!

By Talan Torriero
May 5, 2015

Video has surfaced of Oakland police breaking a woman’s face while in custody, after she files suit against the East Bay police department, alleging excessive force used during takedown.

Megan Sheenan A bartender who also works as an aspiring model is suing the Bart and Oakland police after video shows footage that is in conflict to the police’s account of what happened that night. Sheehan found herself under arrest and at the Lake Merritt Bart station after a night of heavy partying and drinking. She said she was embarrassed about getting pissy drunk but didn’t feel she deserved to have her face broken.

An officer who arrested her said that she in fact “deserved it” stating that Sheehan was “punching him out” and that he “ guided her to the ground”. Sheehan and her lawyer will be disputing that, as video shows the police officers brutal slamming of her to the ground. She didn’t have her hands available to break her fall, which resulted in her lying unconscious in a pool of blood. Nurses were finally called and she was treated and taken to the hospital.

This is another black eye for police everywhere. Yet again, we get to see footage of officers using excessive force. Sheehan says that she is still suffering from psychological trauma from the incident which it took her severals months to recover from.