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Odd: These Couples Definitely Were Made To Go Together… Like Two Left Shoes

By Talan Torriero
May 17, 2015

“Is there someone for everybody?” Or is that just something we say to cheer up the odd man out. Most people would believe it true, even if some might have to swim through the bottom of a sewage pile to find them. Forget the fame, money, and cars, at the core every man and woman just wants to be loved.

Since childhood we have been groomed to marvel at the ideal couple. Cartoons are filled with them from Peter-Pan & wendy, to Jasmine & Aladdin, and most notably Romeo And Juliet.

We can’t get enough headlines of Jay-Z and Beyoncé, or Kanye and Kim these days. They get praise for being beautiful couples, even if more so for the beauty of the better half being the women. Even non-celebrity couples will catch your eye with charming good looks and compatibility, but now and then it’s another quality that causes you to double take.

If Kanye and Kim are Romeo and Juliet, some of these couples compare to Shrek and Fiona. Not just for physical qualities, but sometimes two just don’t look paired to go together, leaving everyone scratching their heads about “what exactly just happened.”

There aint no valley low enough to hide these couples from standing out. With no explanation about how they make it work, they are walking proof that love will find a way.

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