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Meet The Man With 62 Wives & A Diet Consisting Of Broken Glass, Raw Chicken, Whole Fish (Scales & All), & Hot Coals

By Talan Torriero
August 27, 2015

Egyptian native, Haider Abu Shadeed, is literally the most interesting man in the world! He has 62 wives (Which he sleeps with five times a day) and attributes his sexual prowess to a diet consisting of glass, raw chicken), whole fish (scales and all), and hot coals…

Abu Shadeed explains, “I eat glass, but only as an appetizer. I live on raw meat and fish, which I eat with its bones. I can also eat burning coal.”

“Most of them married me for my extraordinary energy,” he says of his wives. “I do not take any stimulants or drugs. It is just a gift from God.”

source: VICE