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Man Magically Sneezes Of Two Models’ Clothes!

By Talan Torriero
March 18, 2015

Those were some great sneezes. Those were some real good sneezes. How did he get those sneezes? I can just imagine walking down the street unsuspectingly, and running into these two fine ladies with their magical counterpart and his secret intentions. I wouldn’t believe what he’s about to do. If only I had learned the secret, but the magician never shares!


The sneeze carries their clothes off with a gust of wind, and two young females are exposed for everyone to see in the middle of the street. It’s like magic. It really is! There’s no other way to describe this hot phenomenon.

When their clothes blow off the pedestrians passing by watched stunned. This incredible feat has left two incredible bodies for viewing pleasure in their swim suits. Many of the pedestrians of course stick around to enjoy it, and one man hurries away fast.

Many are caught in the model’s trap by being asked to take photos of them with a phone. When the unsuspecting pedestrian snaps a photo, the magician walks by and lets out a sneeze.


Their clothes fly off.

One man gets slapped by his girlfriend as he gawks for too long. “Stop looking,” she says.

We could use a few good sneezes like this everyday. Please share!