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Jeffrey Dahmer’s Slayer Christopher Scarver Talks What Happen Two Decades Ago

By Talan Torriero
April 29, 2015

In 1994 Christopher Scarver exterminated notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer while in prison after spending 2-years in the joint with the psychopath. Dahmer, known for molesting and dismembering 17 different men and boys between 1978-1991 as well as disposing some of their bodies through cannibalism, was killed 20 years ago this year in Wisconsin’s Columbia Correctional Institution. After two decades Scarver finally explains why Dahmer had to go.

At 25-years-old Scarver was convicted of murder and found himself in the same prison as Dahmer, arriving at roughly the same time. Scarver reminisces in an interview with the New York Post how Dahmer would taunt other inmates by drizzling ketchup on lookalike limbs he and his friend made out of prison food. His friend being Jesse Anderson, who was serving life in prison for killing his wife.

There were frequent interactions between Dahmer and other inmates. Scarver never got involved with Dahmer, keeping himself at a distance, but often-expressed loathing the icon. Prison guards and prisoners alike were not pleased with Dahmer’s nauseating sense of humor. Scarver in particular was disgusted by the serial killers presence and even kept a newspaper article detailing how Dahmer killed and ate his victims.

Well they didn’t have to deal with his company after November 28, 1994 when Scarver took matters into his own hands. Scarver, Anderson and Dahmer were left unchained and alone to clean the bathrooms near the gymnasium. Scarver grabbed his mop and began filling up his bucket to start cleaning when he felt a poke in his back. As soon as he turned around he saw Dahmer and Anderson smirking but neither said who did it and Scarver couldn’t tell.

After a few minutes the three men split up to clean the individual bathrooms they were assigned to. Scarver headed straight to the weight room and grabbed a 20-inch long 5-pound metal bar then continued to the staff locker room where Dahmer was located. Scarver crept up on the lunatic and pulled out the news article from his pocket asking him if he did the things the editorial states. Scarver says Dahmer was nervous and tried to shoot towards the door but Scarver blocked it. With the metal bar in hand Scarver took two clean swings at Dahmer’s head, striking him forcefully resulting in the wicked villain’s death. After putting Dahmer to rest he crossed the gym and did the same thing to Anderson in the other locker room.

Scarver thinks it was no accident for him to be left completely alone with the infamous Dahmer, whom everyone hated and wanted to be disposed of. Scarver even says that prison officials had something to do with the madman’s death. Continuing, “I would need a good attorney to ensure there would not be any retaliation by Wisconsin officials or to get me out of any type of retaliatory position they would put me in. [But] They had something to do with it. Yes…”

Scarver received two life term sentences for the murders of Dahmer and Anderson on top of the lifelong verdict he originally received, even though he should get a prize for killing the scumbag. He originally pleaded insanity for the murders but changed it to “no contest” in exchange for transfer to a different prison. He is currently in Centennial Correctional Facility in Canon City, Colorado.

Today, Scarver deals with mental issues that he blames on prison food after studying the side effects certain foods can have on the mind. He also spends a majority of his time writing poems for his website and you can find some of his work for sale on Amazon. Each poem is personal and about his current situation, one is posted in the gallery below.

Some of his poems are pretty good as he expresses his inner pain and journey from an adolescent to maturity.

It is hard to say killing someone is ever right, but the world is a better place without a person like Dahmer. If you had a chance to harm someone that has brought agony to many people and families for brutally murdering and eating his victims, would you? It is the age-old question: if you could go back in time and prevent the Nazi regime by killing Hitler, would you? Some people say ABSOLUTELY and others question whether or not they could kill anyone. Well, Scarver showed us all what he would do, since he did it.

Maybe he will write a poem about that day in the bathroom twenty years ago:

Roses are red, violets are blue, Dahmer is dead, and Anderson too…



Scarver's Poem Titled: Unplugged

Christopher Scarver





Initial Arrest

Associated Press


Head is bashed in

Robert Miller


Dead as a doornail

Robert Miller