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Jeep Sold This ANGRY Rapper A Lemon. What He Says Next Has EVERYONE Talking…

By Talan Torriero
November 12, 2015

This guy – Teg Sethi – made a mistake and bought a Jeep, as he raps in his super creative, musical style complaint aimed at Jeep for selling him a “lemon,” currently gaining major traction with over 100K views in 48 hours.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 5.38.12 PM

On his YouTube channel, Teg talks about his troublesome experience with his Jeep Grand Cherokee being a lemon since the day he purchased it in 2013 for $60,000 and he is going after the dealer and Fiat Chrysler Australia with this epic song who have basically just told him to “bugger off” after many requests to refund him or replace the vehicle.

Check out the video below, try to keep count of how many lemons you see and share with your friends on Facebook!