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Is This a Two-Legged Puppy or a Rare Black and White Kangaroo?

By Talan Torriero
January 20, 2015

Roo is a five-month-old black-and-white animal who hops around on her hind legs.

Via The Independent:

She is thought to have been born with one front leg missing and suffered the traumatic loss of the other soon after birth, possibly being chewed off by another dog.

“Roo doesn’t know any different to hopping on her two back legs but she still laps up all the fuss from people who always stop and do a double take when they see her because they think she is a kangaroo,” Mrs Dick said.

“At first glance she really does look like a kangaroo and even stands up on her back legs and hops along too.

“She’s perfectly happy and pain free and vets are very happy with her progress.

“We’ve fallen in love with her, how could you not? She’s such a little star.”