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Giant Snake Escapes Bathroom

By Talan Torriero
June 30, 2014

Julius the python has discovered how to do something that will probably make you squirm – she’s figured out how to open doors! According to the owner of this video, Julius learned how to turn knobs all on her own, and because of this, all the doorknobs in their house had to be replaced!

I don’t think I’m alone in feeling squeamish when I think of a huge python being able to crawl around the house, and then being smart enough to open doors! And guess what time of night this was? 1:00 A.M! That’s right, a python opening a door in the middle of the night!

While the owner of this snake said he loved her, I think the majority of us would see this as a part of a horror movie. What do you think? Smart and cool snake, or freaky? Please SHARE!