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By Talan Torriero
April 17, 2015

**Larry Breaux is a crack shot**. How do I know? Because, I — like many people right now have seen the video of him shooting a drone out of the sky! Apparently, Larry saw the hovering spy tech lurking around and went for his gun. He gave chase to the back yard where he proved his marksmen ability shooting the moving target.

He claims that the drone was a neighbor who earlier had left an anonymous message about the “eyesore” of a sign at the front of his driveway. The signage is advertisement for the organic lemon farm Larry hopes to open in the near future. He’s launched a kickstarter, and what better way to advertise such a thing than at the end of your driveway? In what looks to be a rural development? **Hmmm . . . one way I know that would draw much more attention would be a viral video. Interesting.**

The drone was apparently flown from a shadowy figure at the edge of Breaux’s property. That’s the neighbor huh? **What’s fishy is Larry also has a promotional video that’s posted on his kickstarter page**. A promo shot from a drone, that looks just like the video of him shooting down the one flown by the neighbor. Uh-huh. I’m not exactly buying it. But hey, he’s sticking to his guns that he didn’t shoot down his drone. Either way, the attention should help draw a few extra donations to his kickstarter, right!? **Touché, sir — touché.**

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