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Dog Diagnosed With Cancer Creates Own Bucket List

By Talan Torriero
May 21, 2015

This is the epic man’s best friend story. Coco the rottweiler had just two weeks to live after being diagnosed with cancer. *Sad.* No one likes to hear that kind of news. However, Coco makes every moment count by completing her own bucket list, from running on the beach, to eating a steak at a restaurant to sharing an ice cream.

The eight-year-old’s owners had taken Coco to the vet after she started limping. The vet took X-rays, which revealed tumors in her right shoulder. She was diagnosed with bone cancer and given only four to six weeks to live. Her owner, Symon Spencer, and his partner, Theresa Clancy, decided to create a bucket list for Coco to “give her the best end of life as possible.” Through these touching photos, we see that Coco got her ice cream, got escorted in a police car and ate lots of food. Coco even ordered a Big Mac from McDonald’s drive-thru (or dog-thru) in a convertible. Jinkies! Scooby and Shaggy would approve of this!

In case you were wondering about getting a rottweiler, here’s some fun tips about them:

1. *They are large, stocky and powerful.*

2. *Rotties are calm, steady-tempered and confident.*

3. *They are very loyal dogs.*

With the advantages comes the disadvantages…

1. *They slobber and drool, A LOT.*

2. *Rotties are GASSY.*

3. *They can be aggressive, especially when they are young.*

4. *Short lifetime and health problems.*

Sadly, Coco passed away on May 5. Her owners stated that she, “lived a good life.” By the looks of some of the photos, we would say so! Rest in peace Coco.


Ice Cream

Symon Spencer and his dog, Coco, check off sharing ice cream on Coco’s bucket list.



Finishing The Cone

Coco gets to eat her ice cream.


Checking another thing off her bucket list, eating some steak.



Police Car

As part of her bucket list, Coco wanted to ride in a police car.





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