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Crazy Wife Takes Things Way Too Far!!!

By Talan Torriero
January 16, 2015

My hand definitely touched my crotch to double check I wasn’t missing an appendage, I feel for this dude to lose something like your dick. Especially since he had his cut off with fucking scissors when he was asleep! Only in China though man, this dude, Fan Lung, got busted for sending emails to his side chick, Zhang Hung, with his wife, Feng Lung ‘s own phone.. Where was your fucking head with that move buddy?

So of course she sees the emails, then rushes into the bedroom where the guy is sleeping and decides it’s time to chop down his morning wood to teach him a lesson. He loses so much blood, but he gets picked up and brought to the ER where they sew the dude’s dick back on and he lives to have another boner.

Apparently that wasn’t good enough for the guy’s wife though, and she sneaks back into his hospital room and cuts his pole off again! She throws it out the window, next thing you know he’s naked in the street beating on the chick, losing enough blood to take a bath in!

The bad news for this guy is that his dick is lost forever and he’ll need a strap-on. The good news is his side chick says he is still down to marry him, which is about as good as you could get right now..