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Cheating Guy Learns The Hard Way You Shouldn’t Believe Everything People Text

By Talan Torriero
July 30, 2014

If I received a text from an unknown number from someone claiming to be pregnant with my child, I’d probably be at least a little bit skeptical that I was actually a father-to-be.

However, I also don’t spend my nights marauding around town inseminating the masses, so I’d know something was up.

Unfortunately, the person on the receiving end of this text doesn’t have a great deal of practice when it comes to monogamous relationships.

I don’t know if the person behind this prank sent this message to as many numbers as possible or if they simply got lucky. I don’t know why they named the random number “Marco.” I don’t even know if any of this happened.

But what I do know is that the end result feels so incredibly satisfying that none of that really matters.

There are steps you can take not to knock up a random side piece, and they start with not having one in the first place. Hopefully this guy learned his lesson.

He should say F*ck more.








Is her name Sarah, too?




I’m no expert, but something tells me his next step shouldn’t be having more sex



“Your name for his middle name.” Smooth.



Of course he still lives with his mom. Of course he does.




Shopping for baby clothes would probably be more fun



This guy is a regular Ashton Kutcher



Well, I can think of one reason


I bet he’s at an Olive Garden