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After Purposely Crashing Her Car To Avoid Hitting A Biker, She Posted THIS Shocking Message…

By Talan Torriero
September 1, 2015

While driving on the 805 highway on her way to work, an anonymous person was getting ready to change lanes and noticed that a biker was coming up between the lanes. She patiently waited for him to pass.

Just as she was driving into the next lane, the biker appeared speeded up so she swerved her car back into the other lane to avoid hitting the biker at full speed. The biker managed to pass her safely, but she lost control of her car as she swerved. Eventually, she crashed her car into a barricade, and the air bags deployed.

See her post from Craigslist:

Dear Motorcyclist I did not kill on the 805 Friday Morning:

I hope you made it to wherever you were going okay, and that lane splitting at 50-60mph got you there in time. I did not make it to the temp assignment I was heading to, because I sacrificed my car to not hit you. I have no way of knowing if you remember or even saw what happened, but here’s a refresher just in case.

Somewhere near the Mesa College exit I was preparing to switch lanes. Traffic was pretty heavy, but still moving at a decent pace, and my blinker was on for what seemed like 45 seconds during this whole process. I looked in my mirrors and saw a bike coming up between the lanes, so I waited. After he passed I checked my mirrors again, looked over my shoulder, saw it was clear, and made to get over. A third of the way into the next lane you manifested out of nowhere, as if a portal opened up over the 805 and dropped your bike down at full velocity. If I had not swerved back the other direction, you would have run into me, no question. I had approximately 1/3 of a second to make a decision, so I swerved.

My own fault, however, was in over-swerving. To avoid subsequently hitting the semi on my other side I swerved back. I lost control of my vehicle and spun out, slamming into the center divider. You know, I always thought I’d be calm and in control of my vehicle in an accident (having never actually been in an accident before I could only make such assumptions) — not swerve, panic and slam on the breaks — but as one’s car is losing control and spinning around at 30mph on the freeway it is surprisingly difficult to respond appropriately. As my airbag deflated and I caught my breath (and after screaming ‘f**k’ a few times), the first thought that occurred to me was that I was so glad I did not hit you or anyone else, that I was the only person involved in this accident.

However, because you did not bother to stop, despite the fact that I am not being considered at fault, no report is being made, and the CHP officer assured me that 9 times out of 10 these kinds of accidents are caused by cyclists, there is nothing my insurance can do. My car is totaled. I have no car now and can get no compensation for it without you. Did I mention I am also between jobs at the moment? So I have no transportation of my own to get to interviews or other temp assignments, and also no medical insurance to pay for a doctor’s visit. My auto insurance might have covered a trip to the hospital. . . if you would have stopped and given your info. As it stands, while I am mostly fine on the outside, I have no idea what kind of internal injuries might have occurred. Friends and family I’ve interacted with are sure I have a concussion, I definitely have whiplash, but no money or insurance to get either scanned or treated. Because you didn’t stop.

I have had friends and family members who have rode motorcycles, and I have spent plenty of time in rush hour commutes, so I know to be hyper vigilant of you guys in between the lanes. I always double check and give you a wide berth when you’re coming through. Hell, I’ve even debated getting a motorcycle myself from time to time! I have nothing against bikes, but I do have something against those who are not considerate of the people around them. I will never know where you came from or where you were going, if you are aware of what happened or even care. But I want you to know, wherever you are, that Friday morning I sacrificed my car to not hit and potentially kill you. This may seem small to you, but for someone who is unemployed, without savings, and attempting to pay off graduate student loans, this will have a significant impact on my livelihood.

The CHP officer told me that there will be a measure on the next ballot to put stricter and concrete parameters on the legality of lane-splitting. I am dubious it will pass, but after this experience I hope, for the well-being of drivers everywhere, that it does. And if by some chance occurrence you, motorcyclist I did not kill Friday morning, read this, I don’t want anything from you, I’m not looking for you to pay for my accident, but it would be pretty cool of you to be a decent human being and come forward so that at the very least my insurance might still pay for me to go to the doctor.

Drive safe. Stay well. Be kind to others.

You can help support this person by donating to her GoFundMe.