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This Super Creepy Insane Asylum In Texas Is Still Standing…When I Saw The Inside? I FREAKED OUT!

By Talan Torriero
September 8, 2015

I don’t know about you, but I would NEVER explore an abandoned insane asylum! This abandoned San Antonio Insane Asylum represents the lives of the numerous people that came here for treatment, only to endure deplorable conditions and highly questionable forms of therapy. These photos and videos below only show what remains of the asylum…So say that it’s haunted!

Although very little is known about the San Antonio Insane Asylum, formally called the Southwestern Insane Asylum when it opened on April 6, 1892, it is heavily guarded by the police today. Whether they’re trying to hide something or just protect the property, no one is entirely sure, but those who have ventured inside the walls have attested to some very strange and frightening things occurring.

In the beginning, the hospital could only house up to 500 patients, but after renovating it and renaming it as the San Antonio State Hospital, it held almost 2,800 patients.

There are 4 structures still standing today on the property, including the guard shack, main office building and facility for the obedient patients, the maintenance building, and the disciplinary unit, where electroshock therapy reportedly took place. The hospital was abandoned in 1996 for reasons unknown to the public, and they obviously left in a hurry, because trespassers have noted that papers are strewn about and most of the equipment is still sitting inside.

Those who have been brave enough to investigate the property for themselves have reported screaming, moaning, doors slamming shut, and footsteps inside the asylum, especially in the disciplinary unit.

But wait! There’s more…