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A Louisiana Town Wants To Take Away And Kill This Girl’s Dog !

By Talan Torriero
November 26, 2014

One family in Moreauville, La., says its beloved dog has never bit or attacked anyone. In fact, the family with six children calls Zeus something of a therapy dog for daughter O’Hara Owens, who is in a wheelchair and suffers from severe neck problems that also have her in a brace.

But Zeus is a pit bull, and he now risks being put down thanks to the town’s recently passed ordinance banning all pit bulls and Rottweilers, reports Moreauville has sent out letters advising owners that if such dogs aren’t gone come Dec. 1, it will confiscate them for “further disposition.”

The family, which has also been interviewed by CNN, recently took its story to, where, as of this writing, more than 145,000 people have so far signed a petition asking the tiny hamlet’s mayor, chief of police, and aldermen to reconsider. (The 2010 US Census puts the population of Moreauville at 929, so enough people to populate it more than 155 times have now, in effect, signed the petition.)