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15 Of The Most Unique Bars In The World.

By Talan Torriero
August 27, 2014

Thirsty anyone? Check out these 15 amazing bars from around the world. Anyone else feel like traveling? From Distractify.


#1. Northern Lights Bar, Iceland.

This bar is located in the Ion hotel, just an hour outside of Reykjavík in the middle of nowhere. It’s the perfect spot to view the Northern Lights.





#2. Red Sea Bar, Israel.

This restaurant and bar is located 16 feet below the surface of the Red Sea. The plexiglass windows give you a gorgeous view of surrounding fish, coral, and other sea creatures.


#3. Monkey Bar, Berlin.

It overlooks the Berlin Zoological Gardens so you can watch monkeys while enjoying a drink or two.

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#4. The Clinic Bar, Singapore.

The waitresses at this unusual medical-themed bar will ask you, “Would you like your sangria in an IV bag, or straight-up?“

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#5. The Laundromat Cafe, Reykjavik, Iceland.

Here’s strange mixture of a bar, laundromat, cafe and library under one roof.

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#6. Joben Bistro, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

A peculiar pub that takes visitors back in time with a steampunk design inspired by Jules Verne’s fictional stories.

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#7. The White Rabbit Restaurant & Bar, Moscow, Russia

A bar and restaurant with a wonderful panoramic view of Moscow.

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#8. Blue Frog Lounge, Mumbai, India.

This 1,000-square-meter complex includes a club, restaurant, lounge, sound stage, recording studio and sound lab.

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#9. Club 33, Disneyland, California.

A private club hidden away in the New Orleans Square area of Disneyland. It’s the only location that offers alcohol in the park.

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#10. Sky Bar, Bangkok.

The Sky Bar is 63 stories above the streets of Bangkok, perched on the roof of Lebua State Tower.

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#11. Sunland Pub, South Africa.

A tiny pub located in an African baobab tree that’s over 6,000 years old. The bar is located in the hollow of its trunk and can only serve 15 guests at a time.

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#12. The Ice Bar, Quebec City, Canada.

This ice-sculpted bar melts each summer and is completely rebuilt every year. From January to March you can enjoy chilled cocktails, but be sure to bring a coat.

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#13. Tiger Leaping Gorge Bar, China

Here’s a bar with the most breathtaking view. It balances off of a cliff above raging rapids.


#14. Safe House, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The Safe House is a spy-themed bar behind a secret red door. You’ll need to know the password to get in, but, once you do, there’d lots of secret passageways to explore.

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#15. H.R. Giger Bar, Gruyere, Switzerland.

The interior of this bar is a covered with arches of vertebrae that crisscross the vaulted ceiling of an ancient castle.

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