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12 Problems Only Girls With Big Butts Will Understand

By Talan Torriero
July 6, 2015

You like your big butt, but you cannot lie—it comes with some issues.

1. No jeans fit correctly, ever

There is no middle ground. You either can’t pull them up over your butt or you get a massive gap at the the waist.


2. All skirts and dresses are too short in the back

Love your work friendly pencil skirt? From behind, it is more nightclub friendly.


3. Forget squeezing between restaurant tables

Not just restaurant tables, movie theatre aisles, too. You butt is an entity unto itself and unfortunately ends up in people’s faces while you try to slip through.


4. Every seating struggle ever

Barstools lead to spillage, you take up extra space when sharing seats and sitting on someone’s lap never seems to go according to plan.


5. You’ve flashed a little crack more times than you care to think about

Have you ever considered a career as a plumber?


6. People assume you’ve got mad moves to go with your booty

Your backside may have it’s own gravitational pull but that doesn’t mean you know how to tweark