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12 Outrageous Things Rich People Actually Bought

By Talan Torriero
June 18, 2015

Mo’ money, mo’ problems…

1. Space Rock


Price: $450,000

The year was 1962. A Martian rock lands in Nigeria, and scientists rejoice! 44 years later, it was available for purchase on none other than eBay, alongside the old baseball cards and discount shoes. So, behold. The world’s most expensive impulse buy.

2. Diamond Dog Collar


Price: $3,200,000

Dogs are great. They’re loyal, optimistic, and they’ll love you unconditionally. But does your dog deserve this 18K white gold, platinum, crocodile leather collar? I’m not even sure the Queen deserves this thing.

3. Lock Of Elvis Hair


Price: $115,000

Elvis had a nice head of hair. He really did. He also had a very smart barber. Fact: Elvis’ barber pocketed a lock of his iconic ‘do, and it set the record for ridiculous dead-person hair purchases.

4. Form Hair Wax


Price: $1,300

So what is this, exactly? It’s hair wax. Wax for your hair. It keeps the frizzies down, the style in place, and your hair will shine bright like a diamond. But when your local $4 drug store tub won’t do, you can drop four figures on this diamond-studded, mahogany-encased hair product. It’s custom made for each buyer, and it’s got diamonds in it, guys.

5. An Entire Town In Texas


Price: $2,500,000

What would you even do with your own town? Fill it with moon bounces? The lucky buyer of Albert, Texas received this magnificent dance hall, along with a human population of five whole people. The whole transaction went down on eBay — where else?

6. Computer Mouse


Price: $34,000

White Austrian strass. Swarovski crystals. One of those little scrolly wheels. Worth it? Worth it.

7. Perfume


Price: $4,150 (for 30ML)

Literally fit for a Queen, Clive Christian’s No. 1 perfume has been revamped on numerous occasions to commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s 60th year on the throne, and also the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Fancy!

8. World’s Most Expensive Poker Set


Price: $7,100,000

All 384 solid 18c white gold chips in this set are encrusted with diamonds, and those decks of cards aren’t your standard drug-store purchase. They’re platinum-plated. This custom set has a crocodile case, and the chips are inlaid with — wait for it — stingray skin. Forget the $5 buy-in. This thing is for real.

9. Pure Gold Shirt


Price: $22,400

Datta Phuge of India commissioned this shirt in 2012. It’s made of pure gold, white velvet, and Swarovski crystal buttons. 15 goldsmiths worked 16 hours a day over the course of two weeks to finish this piece of wearable metal. And the statement piece necklaces really pull the look together, don’t you think?

10. Gold-Plated Staples


Price: $175

Nothing says “I’m wealthy” more than golden staples in your paper stacks. It’s all in the details! The extremely subtle, nuanced details.

11. Da Hong Pao Tea


Price: $1,250,000 (per kilogram)

This ain’t your grandmother’s tea. It’s said that this particular leaf is preserved from the Ming Dynasty, and has some real medicinal benefits. It’s so rare, in fact, that it’s kept by the Chinese government and usually only given as national gifts. It’s difficult to purchase, but not impossible. Follow your dreams!

12. Guinea Pig Armor


Price: $24,300

Are we good with not discussing this one? Just admiring it? Good. Just admire it.